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Residential Insulation:
Open cell polyurethane foam insulation is used on the entire building envelope sealing in every crack, gap, and void that standard insulation will miss. The “Encapsulated attic system” insulates all exterior walls, vaults, and the actual roof deck of the home making the attic a dust free, conditioned space.
Before and after video
of encapsulated attic system on roof deck.

Commercial Insulation  
Spray polyurethane foam insulation can be sprayed on the inside of the exterior wall panels. It can also be sprayed on the underside of the roof deck or top side of the flat ceiling to completely encapsulate the structure of a building. It has an extremely high R value, and is a much easier process then dealing with batt insulation or roll insulation and metal studs.  Closed cell foam has been shown to dramatically increase the racking strength in steel and timber frame buildings, in some instances has been specified to prevent wind uplift when applied to the underside of roofing systems.  It does not emit VOCs or hydrocarbons and has a proven track record over the last 20 years.

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